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Chemical Composition:

Micronized Cyproterone Acetate

2 mg

Micronized Ethinylestradiol

35 mcg

Therapeutic Category:


Dosage Form / Route:


How Supplied:

21 Tablet

63 Tablet


HormoDIANĀ® is used for: Androgenization signs in women who require hormone treatment: - Acne: severe forms, if accompanied by inflammation or nodules (Acne papulopustulosa, Acne nodulocystica) or where there is a danger of scar formation, topical treatment alone therefore not promising to be successful. Hormone treatment must be weighed against a systemic antibiotic therapy. - Mild forms of unnaturally increased facial and body hair (hirsutism). - Androgen-conditioned loss of scalp hair (androgenetic alopecia).

Dosage Administration:

Hormodian must be started on the 1st day of menstruation, another tablet is taken every until the blister (the 21 tablets) has been used up. During the subsequent 7-day break in tablet-taking, bleeding starts 2-4 days after the last tablet. Tablet-taking is continued from the next blister after the 7- day break, irrespective whether bleeding has ceased, or is still happening.

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